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  • 1
    An algebraic approach to the Rank Support Learning problem

    Magali Bardet and Pierre Briaud

  • 2
    Attacks on Beyond-Birthday-Bound MACs in the Quantum Setting

    Tingting Guo, Peng Wang, Lei Hu and Dingfeng Ye

  • 3
    Classical and Quantum algorithms for generic Syndrome Decoding problems and applications to the Lee metric

    Thomas Debris-Alazard, André Chailloux and Simona Etinski

  • 4
    CSI-RAShi: Distributed key generation for CSIDH

    Ward Beullens, Lucas Disson, Robi Pedersen and Frederik Vercauteren

  • 5
    Decoding supercodes of Gabidulin codes and applications to cryptanalysis

    Maxime Bombar and Alain Couvreur

  • 6
    Differential Power Analysis of the Picnic Signature Scheme

    Tim Gellersen, Okan Seker and Thomas Eisenbarth

  • 7
    Fast NEON-based multiplication for lattice-based NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography finalists

    Duc Nguyen and Kris Gaj

  • 8
    A fusion algorithm for solving the hidden shift problem in finite abelian groups

    Wouter Castryck, Ann Dooms, Carlo Emerencia and Alexander Lemmens

  • 9
    Generating cryptographically-strong random lattice bases and recognizing rotations of Z^n

    Tamar Blanks and Stephen Miller

  • 10
    Implementation of Lattice Trapdoors on Modules and Applications

    Pauline Bert, Gautier Eberhart, Lucas Prabel, Adeline Roux-Langlois and Mohamed Sabt

  • 11
    Improving Thomae-Wolf Algorithm for Solving Underdetermined Multivariate Quadratic Polynomial Problem

    Hiroki Furue, Shuhei Nakamura and Tsuyoshi Takagi

  • 12
    SimS: A Simplification of SiGamal

    Tako Boris Fouotsa and Christophe Petit

  • 13
    LESS-FM: Fine-tuning Signatures from a Code-based Cryptographic Group Action

    Alessandro Barenghi, Jean-Francois Biasse, Edoardo Persichetti and Paolo Santini

  • 14
    Memory Optimization Techniques for Computing Discrete Logarithms in Compressed SIKE

    Aaron Hutchinson, Koray Karabina and Geovandro Pereira

  • 15
    New Practical Multivariate Signatures from a Nonlinear Modifier

    Daniel Smith-Tone

  • 16
    On the Effect of Projection on Rank Attacks in Multivariate Cryptography

    Morten øygarden, Daniel Smith-Tone and Javier Verbel

  • 17
    On Removing Rejection Conditions in Practical Lattice-Based Signatures

    Rouzbeh Behnia, Yilei Chen and Daniel Masny

  • 18
    A Practical Adaptive Key Recovery Attack on the LGM (GSW-like) Cryptosystem

    Prastudy Fauzi, Martha Norberg Hovd and Håvard Raddum

  • 19
    The "quantum annoying" property of password-authenticated key exchange protocols

    Edward Eaton and Douglas Stebila

  • 20
    Quantum Indistinguishability for Public Key Encryption

    Tommaso Gagliardoni, Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck

  • 21
    Quantum Key Search for Ternary LWE

    Iggy van Hoof, Elena Kir shanova and Alexander May

  • 22
    Secure Hybrid Encryption In the Standard Model from Hard Learning Problems

    Xavier Boyen, Malika Izabachène and Qinyi Li

  • 23
    Short Identity-Based Signatures with Tight Security from Lattices

    Jiaxin Pan and Benedikt Wagner

  • 24
    Verifying Post-Quantum Signatures in 8 KiB of RAM

    Ruben Gonzalez, Andreas Hülsing, Matthias J. Kannwischer, Juliane Krämer, Tanja Lange, Marc Stöttinger, Elisabeth Waitz, Thom Wiggers and Bo-Yin Yang

  • 25
    Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Committed Symmetric Boolean Functions

    San Ling, Khoa Nguyen, Duong Hieu Phan, Hanh Tang and Huaxiong Wang