Host City, Daejeon

Surrounded by idyllic jade mountains peppered with ancient temples and Confucian pavilions, Daejeon is generally considered the most livable and dynamic of Korea’s major cities. Traffic is quite reasonable, parks, rivers and museums are never more than a short ride away and one can get to Seoul in 50 minutes by train. But what makes Daejeon unique among other Asian cities is its astonishing collection of universities and research institutes conducting worldclass research in the applied sciences from semiconductors to fusion technology and next-generation satellites. Daejeon boasts a large international community and an impressive population of over 7,500 citizens with Ph.D. degrees in the applied sciences and an equal number with M.A.s and other advanced training programs. Daejeon has earned its name as Asia's "Silicon Valley." For more information

Mecca for Science & Technology in Korea

The city of Daejeon is a leading hub in the field of R&D and higher education in Northeast Asia. Daedeok Innopolis started in 1973 as the first government funded Research Park. Daedeok Innopolis is a unique science cluster including over 70 world class research institutes with more than 20,000 researchers and many higher centers, education including Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). With regard to this infrastructure, Daejeon is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia. Daejeon has been selected as the site for the headquarters of -the International Science Business Belt- a large-scale project initiated and funded by the national government to nurture and develop basic sciences including life sciences as well as applied sciences into advanced technologies.

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