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PQCrypto 2021 would like to express our appreciation for your contributions towards the conference. Regarding your presentation, please kindly confirm the instructions and other detailed information below.

Download the Video-Recording Guideline (pdf)


PQCrypto 2021 will operate both live sessions and a YouTube channel for pre-recorded talks. Each speaker need to prepare both a pre-recorded presentation video (25 min.) and a short summary talk (5 min.) for their live session.

1 The presentation should be recorded with your voice (mandatory) and face (optional) by using the recordable tools (MS PowerPoint, OBS Studio, Zoom etc.).

※ Use the PC with built-in microphone or web camera to record the presentation. ** Ensure to record with horizontal screen when you record with mobile devices.

※ It will be okay to record the presentation with only your voice excluding your face. ** Please do NOT use any paid voice codec tools such as Dolby etc.

※ Pre-recorded Presentation Video (with slides)

  • Video Length: Up to 25 minutes
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • File Format: .mp4, .MOV
  • Screen Resolution: 720p

※ Live Presentation at Actual Session

  • Short Summary Talk: Up to 10 minutes including Q&A (if there is)

2 Presenters should send their presentation files directly to

※ Submission Deadline of the Recorded Presentation Video File: FRI. JULY 9, 2021